Sunday, April 25, 2010

Ent 2.0 Chp. 7

Tips for making a smoother transition:

Eliminate the old product. Make the new product have to be used and make employees get comfortable with it.

Use believers to your advantage. They are adopters who for some reason quickly see the benfits of the new product and use it. Just with examples in groudswell, use these people to you advantage. Let them tell everyone why they really like it and that it should be implemented.

Build ESSP'S that are compatable with current technology becuase more people will be likely to use them. For example you can access Facebook from you Cell. Facebook may be new but using cell phones isn't.
Twitter and e-mail are compatable.

People use e-mail and Ent. 2.0 would be a partial shift from using something that they are comfortbale with and that is why it is taking over more slowly.

Also communicate with the intended users of the tech. Communication is key !

Ent. 2.0 Chp. 6

This chapter was about people worrying about people putting inappropriate content on the site or people putting information that isn't relevant.

People will contribute innacurate material and embarrasing information.

However, it is thought that the benefits outway the disadvantages.

Many company execs. say that the biggest barrier is actually the users who don't want to change and not the managers that don't want to input and use the new technology.

The had a saying " we value items in our possession more than itmes that could be in our possession" and this totally makes since. People value e-mail, something they have now and now the changes that could be implented by Ent. 2.0 becuase there are chances that they will fail. People are comfortable with what they know and that is that!!!

Ent. 2.0 Chp. 5

Group editiing- diverse set of people to collaborate on a single document

Authoring- Putting content online for other people to see

Broadcast searchs- Putting things online that you don't know in hopes that you recieve answers

Collective Intelligence- Use of tech. to generate answers from a dispersed group.

Self Organization- Uses to build valuable communities and shape them over time.

Ent. 2.0 Chp. 4

"The Bulls Eye"
The center is the strong ties, the next tier is the weak ties, and the outermost ties are the potential ties. Alot of people like Wikies because they are "frictionless, and allow people to add structure linking and tagging."

Strongly tied- Added mediwikie to Vistapring: suggested his colleagues should add content to the articles and that Wikis should be used for the whole company.

Weak Ties- Serena used Facebook- It holds many contacts, it's a large rich address book, and it allow people to share and update as much information as they want to.

Potential ties- U.S. Intelligence Community- Blogs- Easy and they don't take alot of time and they are a permanent collection of posts.

Ent. 2.0 Chp 3

Free and Easy platforms for Communication and Interaction- These would include things like Blogs, Twitter, Social Networking. We will discuss in the next chapter how specific certain aspects are better to use when relationships are different.

A lack of imposed structure- Wikipedia- No work flow- specific pattern, No decision rights to a specific person, No interdependencies (who will work together), and No data specifications.

Mechanisms to Let strucutre emerge- Ent. 2.0 is the use of emergent social software by organizations to pursure their goals.

It is crucial that companies recognize the benefits of these social softwares and learn how to use them best to their benefits.

Ent. 2.0 Chp 2

Vista Print- gave away free business cards and they used "upselling" by encouraging customers to pay small amounts for products that they thought were superior.
Serena Software- "Mashups"- Combining Chicago Crime and Google Maps
The U.S. Intelligence Company- Trouble connecting the dots. Lack of effective information sharing between them.
Google- Cowgill- Starting prediction market
Kirnos- programming expertise---> Two people talking who normally wouldn't need to communicate at their job.

There are so many missed opporutnites when people don't use technology to their advantage. If everyone used it and communicated with his it would help with all the missed opporutnites.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is sharing resources and information to computers on demand. Alot of people have criticized this term because they feel that we are already using these means of technology. This type of technology can be implemented in many different ways. There is the public cloud or the external cloud. There are community, hybrid and private clouds. Amazon, Google and IBM have began to use cloud computing, seeing that there is room for relationships among customers and sellers of products.